Get Involved

There are several ways how you could help this project thrive!

Donate material that we can upcycle
One of the most important tasks for our project is to ensure a constant supply of goods which we can either resell or upcycle. Thus, if you have old clothes, books, DVDs or any other objects you do not need anymore, you could really contribute to this project! Of course, tools that can be used to upcycle this material are also very welcome -  basically everything!

So please feel free to contact us anytime if you have something to offer.

Donate time and volunteer with us
If this project sounds interesting to you, you might want to consider volunteering with us. We offer work experience in a similar startup work environment. Right now, we can use every hand, especially when it comes to the following positions:
- Social Media & Photography
- Marketing
- Art & Design
- Logistics
- Social Work & Befriending
- Finances
- Law
- Organisation & Project Management

Donate money and receive a surprise
The third way to contribute is to support Rainbow Revalued and the Rainbow Parents Carers Forum through a small donation. If you want to, you will receive a small reward as a thank you.

£1 - our happiness
£4 - our everlasting gratefulness
£8 - a small surprise
£16 - a big surprise...