About Rainbow Revalued

Rainbow Revalued is a second hand and upcycling business founded by the Rainbow Parents Carers Forum in Nottingham, UK.

How it all started
As we, the Rainbow Parents Carers Forum, were brainstorming funding ideas, we received a volunteering application by a student who has already built an upcycling company with fellow students in Germany. Since an upcycling company seemed to be the perfect opportunity to combine learning by doing for our beneficiaries and funding by selling for our charity, we started the project just a week later.

What do we do?
We collect material donations and sell them either as second hand products or we upcycle and sell them as new upcycled products. Of course, upcycling is the most fun part! That is why we want to involve as many beneficiaries as possible with the upcycling part. But we can also use every hand when it comes to the preparation of the upcycling process: Collecting the material, brainstorming and researching upcycling ideas, for instance.

Why are we doing this?
By founding Rainbow Revalued, we want to create meaningful extracurricular activities and work experience opportunities. At the same time we are hoping to raise funds for the charity in order to support our daily work.

So, what's the plan?
In the next few weeks we will be busy collecting material donations which we then can upcycle or resell. In other words: we will be trying out loads of fun upcycling ideas and then decide on which we want to concentrate.
Thus, we are happy about every donation, whether it is an old jacket, a piece of leather or just a few screws. 
And if your children are interested as well, we would love to have them on board as craftspeople!